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My name is Jas Atwal and I am the creator and founder of 'What The Lawyer'.  

Who am I and why did I create What The Lawyer?

I am a commercial solicitor (more about me below) and I created this platform to help aspiring lawyers understand the legal profession. There are lots of platforms out there that provide you with all the tips and tricks to perfect your training contract application and succeed at an assessment day. However, very few platforms provide you with an insight into what a career in law actually looks like and how a law firm works in practice.  This insight is extremely invaluable when it comes to getting into the profession - after all, how can you show you'll be a good fit for a law firm, if you don't really understand what law firms do and how they operate?!

Not only have I worked both in private practice and in-house, I have also worked as a legal assistant, paralegal, trainee solicitor and now qualified solicitor. I use my broad experience to create content for this platform and share things I've learnt along the way to help you. I try and share a very neutral view of the legal profession so that you can work out for yourself if a career in law is for you and if so, how you can become the best lawyer you can be. 

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What is 'What The Lawyer'?

What The Lawyer originally began with an instagram page - @whatthelawyer. The instagram page provides followers with daily posts covering a variety of legal topics ranging from tips on how to draft a good training contract application to actually learning the law itself. I built on the instagram page by creating this website, which is based on three motivators: 


LEARN the law through our bitesize legal knowledge posts. 

  • Learn the Law by accessing our 'Learn the Law Portal'. Here you'll find some commonly asked legal questions in the areas of crime, employment, property, business and commercial. This portal is for everyone! No prior legal knowledge required. Its purpose is to make the law accessible for all, not just lawyers. 

  • Study the law by accessing our 'Law Student Portal'. Here you'll find free study guides on a variety of topics as well as tips on how to choose electives and make the most out of University. 

BECOME a lawyer with the help of our aspiring lawyer portal and all that goes with it. 

  • Become a lawyer by utilising our 'Aspiring Lawyer Portal'. Here we help you work out what type of law you're interested in, what type of firms you want to work for and how to draft and submit the best training contract application. 

  • If you struggle to find law firms that fit all your requirements, check out our 'Shortlist Generator'. Here you can input your desired practice areas, sectors, location and type of firm and we'll generate a list of 10 law firms that meet your requirements!

  • You can also access our 'What do lawyers do?' portal and 'Sectors' portal. These portals breakdown a variety of different practice areas to help you work out if that area is the one for you.

CONNECT with the legal profession through our interviews, blog, podcasts and more. 

About me (the creator!)...

I studied law at the University of Birmingham. I barely did any extra-curriculars at university (and by ‘barely’ I mean… none!) and when I left university, I wasn’t entirely sure if law was for me. I had a part time job throughout my studies and secured an in-house legal assistant position a year after graduating (it took about a thousand applications and CVs and 10s of interviews as I had no legal work experience).


Following my in-house legal assistant role, I secured two paralegal jobs at national law firms Shakespeare Martineau and Anthony Collins Solicitors. During my time as a paralegal at Anthony Collins Solicitors, I won the Paralegal of the Year Award in 2016 which was awarded to me by the Birmingham Law Society. I then secured a training contract at Anthony Collins Solicitors. My training contract comprised 4 seats: (1) clinical negligence and personal injury, (2) governance and commercial law, (3) commercial projects and construction and (4) corporate and banking. During my training contract, I was elected Chair of the Birmingham Trainee Solicitors Society and I was shortlisted for Trainee Solicitor of the Year.

In September 2019, I qualified into corporate law and worked as a newly qualified corporate solicitor at PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and then, after over 7 years working in private practice, I moved to my current role - Legal Counsel for the  U.K. division of a global (FTSE 250) automotive company - Inchcape U.K. 

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