WTL Junior Lawyer Portal!

The blogging/vlogging market is filled with aspiring lawyer content but very little for junior lawyers. It almost seems like people think once you've secured your training contract, you've made it and no longer need any help! For those of us in practice, we know that's not true so hopefully this portal goes some way to fill the gap. 

If there's something you'd love to see that's not set out here, drop us an email: contact@whatthelawyer.com 

Knowledge Portal

When you're new to a seat or legal department, it can be quite daunting getting your head around some of the most 'basic' things. Thankfully, there are lots of content based platforms out there that aim to help you get a head start. Don't forget, as a trainee and junior lawyer, you have the right to ask lots of questions and learn from those around you so never feel like you have to struggle in silence!!

Check out these

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How to get involved

The extra curricular activities don't need to stop once you've left University! Commonly, junior lawyers will get involved in much more than their *cough* 9 - 5 *cough*. Getting involved in external activities not only helps you network with other junior lawyers (who may become future colleagues or lawyers on the 'other side') but it can also help you enhance your profile at your own firm and beyond and secure that well deserved promotion (or NQ job if you're a trainee!). 



The JLD represents and supports junior lawyers across the country. It operates nationally as a division of the national Law Society and has links more locally through local JLD groups. 

The national JLD gives members the opportunities to raise issues of concern and make their views heard. An example of this was in June 2020 when the JLD wrote an open letter written to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) calling for a delay in the implementation of the SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam). Additionally, the JLD organise networking events for junior lawyers to come together and learn from each other and those more senior in the profession.