The infrastructure industry...

The national infrastructure of the UK comprises the facilities, systems, networks and various other things that are necessary for a country to function and upon which daily life depends. Infrastructure shapes our lives! Transport links help us get to where we need to be, the energy systems power our homes and businesses and the digital networks allow us to communicate. 

There are 13 national infrastructure sectors in the UK: 

- chemicals

- civil nuclear

- communications

- defence

- emergency services

- energy 

- finance

- food

- government

- health

- space

- transport

- water

Each sector has one or more lead government departments responsible for the sector and ensuring protective security is in place for critical assets. 

The UK's National Infrastructure Delivery Plan is a £483 billion project to improve infrastructure in the country including in areas such as energy, transport, waste, water, housing, regeneration and social infrastructure (such as schools and hospitals). There'll be private sector investment, overseas investment, procurement, delivery and other forms of project finance. All this requires lawyers to help facilitate those transactions and projects. 

Legal disciplines involved in this sector...

  • Corporate - capital markets, corporate lending, M&A, public-private partnerships (PPP) and privatisations 

  • Banking and Finance - acquisition finance, corporate lending, finance and security 

  • Construction (and engineering) 

  • Litigation 

  • Energy 

  • Planning

  • Projects

  • Real Estate