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The blogging/vlogging market is filled with aspiring lawyer content but very little for junior lawyers. It almost seems like people think once you've secured your training contract, you've made it and no longer need any help! For those of us in practice, we know that's not true so hopefully this portal goes some way to fill the gap. 


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The WTL Junior Lawyer Portal will include useful resources to help you when you're new to an area of law, tips and advice on personal and professional development including interviews and articles by lawyers in the industry, tips on networking and building your client base as well as information around changing jobs, promotions and mental wellbeing! 
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In the meantime, check out the knowledge portal below with links to key resources that may help you if you're new to a seat or area of law!

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Knowledge Portal

When you're new to a seat or legal department, it can be quite daunting getting your head around some of the most 'basic' things. Thankfully, there are lots of content based platforms out there that aim to help you get a head start. Don't forget, as a trainee and junior lawyer, you have the right to ask lots of questions and learn from those around you so never feel like you have to struggle in silence!!

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useful resources!!

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