The Professional Skills Course ("PSC")

What is the PSC?

Just when you thought the academic element of being a solicitor was over... you have to do the PSC! 

The PSC is the final, compulsory part of training.


Trainee solicitors will need to complete the PSC before they can qualify as a solicitor! 

The PSC takes place during the "period of recognised training" i.e. during your training contract. Many law firms get their trainees to do the PSC right at the start of the two year training contract.


All in all, the PSC is around 2 weeks worth of training (law firms may ask you to do it all in one go or it'll be scattered across your training contract at various points).


You need to have completed the PSC in order to qualify so make sure you've done all your modules well ahead of your scheduled qualification date!

What do you learn on the PSC?

Remember the LPC? Well, the PSC is very similar to the skills based assessments you do on the LPC.


The PSC core modules are:


  • Advocacy and Communication Skills - 3 days (18 hours) - you'll basically do advocacy training across 3 days and on the last day you'll do a mock trial with each person playing a different role (it's all informal though, nothing competitive or assessed!)

  • Client Care and Professional Standards - 2 days (12 hours) - remember that lovely SRA Code of Conduct that all solicitors are regulated against? Yeah... be prepared to study that for two days.... fun!

  • Financial and Business Skills - 3 days (18 hours) - this is all balance sheets and accounts ... nothing that you won't have already done on the Business Law module during your LPC! 


In addition to the core modules, you'll also need to choose 4 'elective' modules.


Each module will be around 6 hours worth of training. You can pick any elective that is being offered by the PSC provider (unless your law firm decide/choose these for you). The electives can be practice based modules, contentious skills modules and/or non-contentious skills modules!

There are no formal assessments as such, you complete the module simply by attending the course. The only actual assessed module is the Financial and Business Skills module (which is one of the core modules). 

How much does it cost?

Don't worry about it... your law firm will pay for you to complete the PSC! Happy days!