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Top 10 Law Firm Shortlist!

As at September 2020, the SRA reported that there are 10,135 law firms in England & Wales. Yet, law students are only ever told about a select few, making the training contract search extremely competitive and completely unattainable!

Not all law firms offer training contracts but there is a world of opportunity out there and finding the right firm could open up lots of doors for your legal career!

The purpose of the shortlist generator is to analyse the most credible law firms across England & Wales to enable you to find a firm that works for you

We turn the tables and ask YOU what it is YOU want in a law firm and then we find the firms that are most suited to YOU. Not only does this help with your training contract search but it will assist you in ensuring you're applying to law firms where you can genuinely build a legal career (not just qualify and leave!). 

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How does it work?!


The Shortlist Generator is fairly simple to use as it's a questionnaire. You'll be asked the following:

* select up to 4 of your favourite areas of law (areas that you'd be interested in when it comes to practising as a lawyer)

* what industry interests you the most? (for example.. say you want to be a corporate lawyer for fashion clients, you'd select fashion as your favourite industry and corporate as one of your favourite areas of law!)

* tell us where you want to work (i.e. location)

* tell us what size of firm you want to work at (i.e. regional, high street, national, international etc.)

* choose whether you want to work in commercial law or private client or both 

We'll then provide you with a list of 10 law firms that meet all your requirements! 

What will you receive?!


Well, in addition to your top 10 shortlist, you'll receive a short summary of each law firm in your top 10, a comparison against your choices and our law firm research guide and checklist template to help you get started with your law firm research! You'll also get support from us with any proof-reading of applications and tips and guidance!

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